You can register for an independent study course at any time and depending upon the institution, will have from six months to one year to complete your coursework.

There are two kinds of independent study courses—print/correspondence and open enrollment. Print correspondence courses are delivered via U.S. mail, while open enrollment courses are delivered via technology, such as the Internet or DVD.

To register for an independent study course, register directly with the institution offering the course. Registration information is provided in each course description in the ICN Course Catalog. You will be billed at the Originating Institution's tuition rate.

Degree-Seeking Students

  • If you receive financial aid, it cannot be used to cover the cost of an independent study course unless the course is offered by your Home Institution.
  • Traditional registration and transfer procedures apply to all independent study courses.

Nondegree-Seeking students

  • If you would like to register for classes from two different institutions, apply for nondegree admission at each institution.

To search for independent study courses in the ICN Course Catalog, select Open Enrollment under Semester, or Print Correspondence under Delivery Method(s).