You may submit an ICN preregistration request at any time; However, some instiutions maintain deadlines for processing ICN requests. If "Open" is indicated this means requests will be accepted and processed at any time. Requests received by ICN are generally processed within 24 hours M-F between 8AM-5PM. If you have a question about a deadline, please contact the ICN Coordinator for that campus.

Indiana University Kokomo



Indiana University Northwest (Gary) OPEN  
Indiana University East (Richmond) OPEN 1/7/2013
Indiana University South Bend OPEN  

Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne



Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis



Indiana University Purdue University Columbus OPEN  
Ivy Tech Bloomington OPEN 1/7/2013
Ivy Tech Columbus OPEN 1/11/2013
Ivy Tech Elkhart OPEN  
Ivy Tech Evansville OPEN 1/11/2013
Ivy Tech Fort Wayne OPEN  
Ivy Tech Northwest
(includes East Chicago, Gary, Michigan City and Valparaiso campuses)




Ivy Tech Indianapolis


Ivy Tech Kokomo OPEN  
Ivy Tech Lafayette



Ivy Tech Lawrenceburg OPEN 1/4/2013
Ivy Tech Logansport OPEN  
Ivy Tech Madison OPEN 1/4/2013
Ivy Tech Muncie OPEN  
Ivy Tech Richmond OPEN  
Ivy Tech Sellersburg OPEN  
Ivy Tech South Bend OPEN  
Ivy Tech Terre Haute OPEN 1/18/2013
Ivy Tech Warsaw OPEN  
Purdue Statewide Technology OPEN OPEN
Purdue University North Central OPEN  
Purdue University West Lafayette OPEN 3/18/2013
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College OPEN  
Taylor University Online OPEN OPEN
University of Southern Indiana



Vincennes University


1/11/2013 (semester-based)
1/11/2013 (1st 8wks)
3/15/2013 (2nd 8wks)
2/22/2013 (10 wks)
2/8/2013 (12 wks)

Vincennes University Jasper OPEN  

ICN Interinstitutional Registration Checklist

  1. Select a Home Institution and Apply for Admission—Your Home Institution is the Indiana college or university that will maintain your academic records, process your financial aid, and confer your degree if you are degree-seeking.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid, if Needed—Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 10 each year that you want to be considered for federal or state financial aid. Check with your Home Institution financial aid office to find out what kinds of aid might be available to you. Don’t forget to check with your employer for any tuition assistance plans.
  3. Select your Class(es) from the ICN Course Catalog—The ICN Course Catalog is the most up-to-date resource for course availability. Be sure to note any special requirements for equipment, testing, or course prerequisites.
  4. Consult with an Academic Advisor at Your Home Institution—Your academic advisor can verify which courses will meet your specific degree requirements; they can also complete an ICN Interinstitutional Course Form to make sure that courses you want to take from another ICN Originating Institution will be accepted not only by your Home Institution, but also by your particular program.
  5. Select a Learning Center, if NeededLearning Centers provide support for students studying at a distance in addition to access to computers, the Internet, email, library services, or fax machines for course-related communications.
  6. Register for Your Courses—If you are registering for courses that originate from two or more ICN institutions that participate in interinstitutional registration, login/create an ICN account to complete an ICN preregistration form. Your registration request will be processsed by ICN and forwarded to your Home Institution. Your Home Institution will contact you to confirm your registration.
  7. Purchase Books—Once your registration is approved, the Originating Institution will either mail your books and course materials to you or instruct you how to obtain them.
  8. Ongoing Student Support—The Indiana College Network provides personal assistance and support to ICN students, as well as a variety of online resources to help distance learners succeed.

Questions? Contact your ICN campus coordinator or ICN staff for assistance.

You can register for an independent study course at any time and depending upon the institution, will have from six months to one year to complete your coursework.

There are two kinds of independent study courses—print/correspondence and open enrollment. Print correspondence courses are delivered via U.S. mail, while open enrollment courses are delivered via technology, such as the Internet or DVD.

To register for an independent study course, register directly with the institution offering the course. Registration information is provided in each course description in the ICN Course Catalog. You will be billed at the Originating Institution's tuition rate.

Degree-Seeking Students

  • If you receive financial aid, it cannot be used to cover the cost of an independent study course unless the course is offered by your Home Institution.
  • Traditional registration and transfer procedures apply to all independent study courses.

Nondegree-Seeking students

  • If you would like to register for classes from two different institutions, apply for nondegree admission at each institution.

To search for independent study courses in the ICN Course Catalog, select Open Enrollment under Semester, or Print Correspondence under Delivery Method(s).

If you wish to enroll in a class or two for personal or professional development rather than in pursuit of a degree, most colleges and universities will allow you to earn a limited number of credit hours as a nondegree-seeking "visiting or guest" student. Also use this form if you are attending school in another state and wish to take a course from one of our member institutions. To register for a class listed in the ICN Course Catalog, you must apply for admission to the institution offering the class.

  1. Search for courses in the ICN Course Catalog.
  2. Apply for nondegree admission using the ICN Common Undergraduate Nondegree Admission Application.*
  3. Register for classes at your Home Institution.

*To apply for nondegree admission at Indiana University, contact the Indiana University ICN Coordinator

Institutions that follow traditional registration and transfer procedures hold the student responsible for applying for nondegree admission, registering directly with the Originating Institution, paying the tuition of the Originating Institution, and transferring credits earned back to your Home Institution.

ICN institutions currently following traditional registration and transfer:

  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Indiana Tech
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
  • Taylor University Fort Wayne Online*
  • University of Indianapolis
  • University of Saint Francis
  • Indiana University Bloomington (SCS Division for Distance Delivery of Independent Study)

Here is how you register for a course using traditional transfer procedures:

  1. Locate your course in the ICN Course Catalog
  2. Contact the ICN Campus Coordinators at your selected institution to register
  3. Ask your academic advisor to sign a copy of the ICN Interinstitutional Course Form, to ensure that the course(s) are accepted by your Home Institution and apply toward your specific degree requirements.
  4. Contact your current institutions registrar office to familiarize yourself with your institutions policies and procedures relating to transferring courses.

*Although the Taylor University Center Fort Wayne Online follows traditional registration and transfer, they work cooperatively with ICN institutions on a one-to-one basis whenever possible to assist students who want to use financial aid from the Home Institution to cover the cost of courses to be taken at Taylor.