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The University of Southern Indiana (USI) is the newest and fastest-growing comprehensive state university in Indiana. It was founded in 1965 as the Evansville campus of Indiana State University and became the independent University of Southern Indiana in 1985. The wooded, 300-acre campus is located in the rolling hills of southwestern Indiana on State Highway 62, between Evansville and Mount Vernon.

USI serves traditional, nontraditional, residential, and commuter students. Approximately 30 percent live in campus housing while others reside in private apartments or commute. USI offers a full range of student life experiences, including intercollegiate and intramural athletics and social, Greek, honorary, and professional organizations.

New students registering for undergraduate distance education courses should contact the USI Distance Education Office at 800.813.4238 two weeks prior to semester start. New students registering for graduate distance education courses should contact the USI Distance Education at 800.813.4238 and Graduate Studies at 812.465.7015 two to three weeks prior to semester start.


10,050 students
89% from Indiana

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester: January 3rd, 2007
Summer Session I: May 2nd 2007
Summer Session II: June 6th 2007
Summer Session III: July 11th 2007

Exception to these deadlines can be made by the Director of Admission. Also, March 1 is the scholarship deadline.

Needed for Admission

Undergraduate Admission:
High school transcript or GED scores
Class rank; SAT or ACT scores
Campus visit and interview recommended

Graduate Admission:
Baccalaureate degree
Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

Typical Costs

Resident: per credit hour $148.65
Resident per credit hour (taking 1 or more on-campus classes): $148.65
Non-Resident per credit hour (taking 1 or more on campus courses): $354.35
Non-Resident per credit hour (taking only distance education classes): $158.65

Annual fees for a full-time student (30 hours) would amount to approximately $4,303 (resident) and approximately $10,177 (non-resident).

Resident: per credit hour $215.85
Non-Resident per credit hour (taking 1 or more on campus class) $426.15
Non-Resident per credit hour (taking only distance education classes) $225.85

Other mandatory fees include:
University Services Fee (eight or more credit hours per semester): $30.00
University Services Fee (more than three and fewer than eight credit hours per semester): $22.75
University Services Fee (three or fewer hours per semester): $10.00
University Services Fee Summer: $10.00
Distance Education Course Fee: $30.00 per course
Non-Resident Distance Education Delivery Fee: $10.00 per credit hour

*Non-Resident taking only Distance Education courses may qualify for reduced non-resident tuition and fees.

Fees subject to change.

Withdrawals and Refunds for Partnership Students

Consult your Home Institution’s academic calendar for drop and withdrawal deadlines and refund information. Consult your academic advisor before dropping or withdrawing from courses.

Note: The date that this completed form is received by your Home Institution is considered the course drop date.

Note: Lack of participation in a USI distance learning course does NOT mean an automatic withdrawal. If the appropriate drop/withdrawal paperwork is not processed, you will receive an F in the course, and this grade will appear on your records.

Financial Aid

60% of undergraduate applicants receive aid
Average award: $1,850 in gift aid; $2,503 in loans
Application deadline: March 1 (priority)

Pre-College Information


Contact the CAP staff:

Ginger Ramsden

Jaclyn Cline

The College Achievement Program (CAP) is a cooperative program between the University of Southern Indiana and participating high schools. CAP allows highly motivated high school junior and senior students to take regular college courses in their own high schools at a reduced rate of tuition. CAP courses are taught by carefully selected high school faculty who are trained in special workshops by USI faculty members.

If you have taken any course work that could be considered for transfer credit—university level/dual credit courses, Advanced Placement (AP) or CLEP—please be advised that this could alter the courses you will want to register for. We strongly recommend that you contact Mary Branson, mbranson@usi.edu, or 800.467.1965 to verify whether your work is indeed eligible for transfer credit.



For More Information

ICN Coordinator

Vicki Bierley
Distance Education Coordinator
Fax: 812.465.7131

Julie Bordelon
Distance Education Coordinator
Fax: 812.465.7131

The Office of the Registrar is located on the main floor of the Orr Center and can be reached at 812.464.1761 or 800.467.1965, Ext. 3.



Undergraduate Admissions
Eric Otto
Director of Admissions
800.467.1965 or 812.464.1765
M-F: 8am-4:30pm

Graduate Admissions
Peggy Harrel
Director of Graduate Studies
M-F: 8am-4:30pm

Financial Aid

Jim Patton
Director of Student Financial Assistance
812.464.1767 or 800.467.1965
M-R: 8am-6pm; F: 8am-4:30pm



Library Support

Philip E. Orr
Distance Learning Librarian
812.461.5328 or 812.465.1907
Fax: 812.465.1693

Academic Calendar

Visit www.usi.edu/admissn/
for information.